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ASU - Writing Center

Engineering Writing Site, Online Handouts, Tutoring Philosophy, Links to Other, Resources, Information for Instructors

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English

Learning English, News English, Business English, Watch and Listen, Grammar and Vocabulary, Communicate, Quizzes, Web cast

BUOWL - Bogazici University Online Writing Lab
For students: Writing program information, Grammar, Paragraph development, Writing exercises, The essay, Essay types, Essay development exercises, Punctuation, Avoiding plagiarism, Writing guides, Writing research papers.
For teachers: The writing program in SFL, Defining academic writing, Setting up writing tasks, Holding class discussions, Combining reading and writing Critical reading towards critical writing, Correcting and giving feedback, Modeling effective writing, Writing quizzes, Process writing, Mini research projects, The research paper

Centre for Independent Language Learning
Centre for Independent Language Learning
The Centre was set up by the English Department in support of the University's aims to "facilitate the learning experience of our students by using state-of-the-art, innovative, learner-centered methodologies", with flexible programs which are "responsive to the needs of the learner".

Dave's ESL CafeDave's ESL Cafe
Stuff for Students: Help Center, Hint-of-the-Day, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Pronunciation Power, Quizzes, Slang and Student Forums. Stuff for Teachers: Idea Cookbook, International Job Forums, Post your Résumé, Teacher Forums and Teacher Training Forum.

English as 2nd Language
English as 2nd Language
Essentials: Free English Courses, Top Vocabulary Resources, Top Lessons for Your Classes, Start Learning English and Quizzes. English Grammar, English Vocabulary, English Language, Spoken English, English Russian,Beginning English, Intermediate English, Advanced English, Teaching English, Lesson Plans, Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening Skills, Writing Skills, Pronunciation - Speaking, Reading Skills, TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, Business English, Tests and Quizzes.

English ForumEnglish Forum
Information regarding Students, Teachers, Good School Guide, Interactive Exercises, ELT Books, Dictionaries & Reference and more

English Grammar
English Grammar: prepositions, adjectives, past tenses, present tenses, english future tenses, english nouns, adverbs and punctuation

English Grammar ConnectionEnglish Grammar Connection
Content on this web site is based on Merit Software's popular grammar programs: Grammar Fitness, Write It Right, and Writing Fitness. Periodically we will change the lessons presented on the web site.

English Page
English Page
Weekly Lesson ,Grammar Book, Vocabulary, Verb Tenses, Conditionals, Modals, Gerunds, Prepositions, Mini-tutorials, Irregular Verbs, Reading Room, Listening Lounge, Games, Student Forums and English Schools. Dictionaries: English·Foreign, English·English, Irregular Verbs, and Phrasal Verbs

Teachers: Lessons, Courses, Student Exercises, Other Resources, Tools, Samples and Hints & FAQs. Students: Online Lessons, Other Resources, Tools and Samples.

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Basic Skills Zone, Dictionaries, Fun Stuff Zone, Holidays, Pronunciation Zone, Study Skills Zone, Teacher Zone, Vocabulary Zone, Worksheets To Print, Conversation Zone, FAQ and Links.

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Vocabulary Exercises for the Academic Word List
Owl Online Writing Lab
This collection of handouts will provide you with information about various aspects of business, technical, and professional writing. We also have some PowerPoint presentations about aspects of professional writing and a resume workshop, a cover letter workshop, and a research report workshop that you may wish to visit.

Psyvhology Today Psychology Today

Psychology Today is devoted exclusively to everybody's favorite subject: ourselves. Founded in 1967, Psychology Today covers all aspects of human behavior and mental health, from the workings of the mind to the bonds between people and the larger cultural forces that drive our most intimate decisions.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
For ESL/EFL Students

General Listening Quizzes ( Listen to Everyday Conversations with Adult and Children's Voices ), Basic Listening Quizzes ) Short Listening Activites for Beginning and Intermediate Students ), Listening Quizzes for Academic Purposes ( Prepare for TOEFL/TOEIC Tests with These Lectures, Interviews, and Conversations ), 20-Minute ESL Vocabulary Lessons, Language Learning and Life Tips, Long Conversations with RealVideo.

Parapal OnlineESL
ESL is your resource for classroom activities and games.
English pronunciation practice with minimal pairs (eg ship/sheep), a spoken English reference grammar for ESL learners, 63 Graded English dictations, test drive fonetiks' new pronouncing dictionary,Pronunciation of names of people, cities and countries,Words with controversial or difficult pronunciation,etc

Guide to Grammar and WritingGuide to Grammar and Writting
Dr. Charles Darling developed The Guide to Grammar and Writing in 1996, originally to help his students write reports and research papers. In addition, he wanted to create a place where students could look up grammatical issues for themselves.

My english TeacherMy English Teacher
TOEFL center, Correct My English, Weekly Lessons, Free Tools, Résumé Help, and More

National Geographic National Geographic
The National Geographic Society has been inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888. It is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Its interests include geography, archaeology and natural science, the promotion of environmental and historical conservation.

You can practice your English grammar and vocabulary skills with interactive tests on this free website. You can receive free interactive email tests. If you register and login you can see which tests you have done and how successfully. Learning English with these free online tests is really motivating. New tests are added every week.

Parapal OnlineParapal Online - English Exercises

Free Online English Lessons, Picture dictionary exercises, Essay, Academic writing, EAP and IELTS exercises IELTS graphs, Letter and e-mail writing exercises, Listening exercises, General English exercises, Vocabulary building exercises, Business English exercises Cambridge style exercises, Communicate Discussion board and chat room where you can meet other students, and more..

Scientific American Scientific American
Free Online English Lessons, Picture dictionary exercises, Essay, Academic writing, EAP and IELTS exercises IELTS graphs, Letter and e-mail writing exercises, Listening exercises, General English exercises, Vocabulary building exercises, Business English exercises Cambridge style exercises, Communicate Discussion board and chat room where you can meet other students, and more...

Science Daily

Science Daily

Science Daily is one of the Internet's most popular science news web sites. Since starting in 1995, the award-winning site has earned the loyalty of students, researchers, healthcare professionals, government agencies, educators and the general public around the world.

The Writing Center - University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Writing Center - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Most academic writing projects require you to gather, evaluate, and use the work of others. When you draw upon the work of others, you must give proper credit. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism. If you learn a few basic rules, you can quickly format your researched papers in accordance with the style required for your course. Need more information on what a documentation style is or which one you should use?

Reading, Writing, Listening, Vocabulary and Exercises.
Owl Online Writing Lab
Vocabulary Exercises for the Academic Word List
The AWL is a list of words which appear with high frequency in English-language academic texts. The list was compiled by Averil Coxhead at the Victoria
University of Wellington, New Zealand. The list contains 570 word families and is divided into 10 sublists. To find these words, an analysis was done of academic journals, textbooks, course workbooks, lab manuals, and course notes. The list was compiled following an analysis of over 3,500,000 words of text.

English Language Activities, Exercises and Tests: Online Assessment Tests, Vocabulary Reference, Vocabulary Activities and Tests, General Language Practice, Literature based Language Quizzes, Online Distance Learning, Grammar Exercises and Tests, On-line Grammar Reference, Writing, Sound and Vision, Speaking, Student and Teacher Discussion, Reading, Listening Resources, Puzzles and Quizzes, The Culture and History of English-Speaking Countries, Friends Around The World.

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